How To Make Tacos Healthy

slider_tacos_fiery_2013Tacos are a type of food that lots of Americans enjoy very much. The deliciously seasoned meat, along with melted cheese and crispy shell, call for an immensely delicious food. However, this type of food that is enjoyed like this is extremely unhealthy for the body. Thankfully, with a few adjustments, more people will be able to enjoy healthy variation of this food. These healthy tacos are actually beneficial for the body, meaning that nobody will feel guilty eating them. Here’s how to make this delicious food healthy.

One very popular way that people make this food more healthy is by replacing the crispy shell. Many people like to use tortillas instead, however, there are even healthier alternatives. Using large leaves of iceberg lettuce is the perfect alternative to tortillas and deep fried shells. Lettuce has very few calories and is actually very complimenting to the meat that is used. Lettuce allows for a very crisp crunch that many enjoy with deep fried shells, without all the fat and grease. Those who wish to use iceberg lettuce for this type of food should ensure that they put it in the vegetable crisper so it is as crispy and delicious as possible.051912_1238_TheOriginso1

Instead of using meats such as beef and pork for this food, using vegetables instead will make it much more beneficial for the body. Many people may think that without meat, this type of food is not worth eating. This isn’t true, as chargrilled vegetables with great seasoning call for a very delicious way to enjoy this food. Such things as pumpkins and peppers that have been chargrilled to juicy perfection can even make the food taste even better than it did with meat. Those who doubt that vegetables can make the taste of this even better need to try out this vegetarian variation to see for themselves.

For individuals that simply must have meat when eating tacos, can still enjoy it in a healthy manner. Ground beef is often full of saturated fats and should be avoided. This is also true for deep fried chicken that is sometimes used in this food. However, grilled chicken is a great alternative for those looking to enjoy this food while still eating meat. Grilled chicken that has been cooked with minimal oil will have very few calories, making it a very healthy choice. Furthermore, grilled chicken has great synergy with many types of Mexican foods.

248457Refraining from using cheese will also make this form of food much more healthy. Cheese, just like many meats, are full of lots of calories and fat. It may taste great, however the health consequences with eating cheese may not be worth the great taste. Furthermore, it is very easy to enjoy delicious tacos without using cheese. Instead of using cheese, using great guacamole and salsa can often make up for the lack of cheese.

In conclusion, it is very possible to make enjoying tacos healthy. These tips can be implemented very easily and will allow for the creation of a very healthy meal.